We understand 
your DNA.

Advanced solution for SNP research available
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What is Mooleq?

You got your ancestry test done? You are wondering what else you can extract from your genome? We are here to help you! Get your medical results without uploading your genome to third-party servers.

It is private and secure.

All calculations are happening on your smartphone, and you send ZERO information to our servers. Your genome stays with you and cannot be exposed to the third party. No analytics, no registration, nothing. The application can be easily used offline, in case you have doubts regarding it.

The app is database agnostic.

You can obtain our SNP DB or upload the one issued by the medical institution you trust.

All calculations happen on your smartphone.

You shouldn’t wait in a queue and wait while analysis of other users will finish on the server. You will get your instant results in a minute.

How to?

  • Get yourself tested by one of ancestry analytic companies.
  • Download the raw data (your sequence) when they’re ready
  • Install our application
  • Obtain the SNP database from us or your medical institution
  • Upload both files and instantly receive the list of medical conditions

Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding of strengths and weaknesses of your genome can help you to postpone/prevent incurable medical conditions or even prolong your lifespan. You can be more suspicious regarding particular symptoms and visit the doctor on early stages of decease. It can also be useful for your doctor to conduct some prophylactic checks depending on your risks.

We are sure about the accuracy of our algorithms and the way it matches the SNPDB database. We (and nobody else) can guarantee the accuracy of SNPDB as it based on different medical researches and statistics. There is still room for mistake and level of confidence regarding the different SNP’s vary. In general, though the results are very realistic: there are some genes responsible for outlook, and they usually match, some chronic disease your family may have, so it is NOT random. This data is accurate enough to be medically certified for being used in various countries.

Do not do it. It entirely depends on personality and how paranoid you are. If you feel worried about doing it – we recommend you, stay away. It is normal that some people find it scary and we understand this point of view. You will see something terrible as there are no absolutely healthy genomes. You’d likely see some positive things either.

We do not have any hidden motivation. It started as a project of curiosity, but it becomes a business, and we are looking forward to making it profitable. Now we consider selling the SNP database through medical institutions, so at some point, it will be the only way to get tested. As for now – it’s closed beta testing which you can join for free. We will ask you to provide your feedback and tell us your impression.

We have taken the whole process of analysis offline. You can be relaxed regarding your privacy. Also, we provide all matches, not only safe ones. You can check the level of confidence for each match.

We are on our way to do so. However, until we’re done – we can not distribute our app with SNP database pre-installed, it’s shipped separately under the creative commons license of third party data sources. This data is used in certified products but isn’t certified itself. Besides, it means that at the moment medical institutions may decline the analytics results as a reason to conduct some advanced testing.


Take a look, where we are now.

Create a fully functioning prototype which proves the idea and can operate analysis of real sequence.

Validate our assumptions and formulas with specialists from the medical industry. Check if our results are accurate.

Testing the application by early adopters and gathering feedback regarding their findings, quality and customer satisfaction.

Apply to investment programs and hubs and try to raise the budget (however it’s a matter of how fast we go, we have enough resources to launch anyway)

Get legal paperwork done and official opening in one of the European countries. (We’ll target one with the most friendly medical laws, still under discussion).

Expand to other markets and improve our services.

Encourage more medical institution to provide their SNP databases as additional service.

Do you want to try Mooleq? Please reach us via this form

We'll contact you back and discuss terms of participation in our testing program and will ask you to sign couple of formal papers.